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SKU: TPS-010


  • Length: 5
  • Width: .875
  • Thickness: .875

Perfect gift set of turning blanks for any pen turner.
Set includes a total of 9 turning blanks of exotic, tropical hardwoods grown and salvaged on the island of O'ahu.

• 2 pieces Cuban Mahogany
• 2 pieces 'Opiuma (Manila Tamarind)
• 2 pieces Eucalyptus Robusta
• 2 pieces Mango
• 1 piece Lychee

* Contact us for custom wood sets.
* Colors and figure will vary.
* Blanks may have some minimal variation in measurements. +/- 1/16 of an inch here or there.

List price: $18.00
Price: $18.00

Cuban Mahogany (Swietenia mahogani)

Swietenia mahogani or Cuban Mahogany. Also known as West Indies Mahogany or True Mahogany. This wood is not commercially available due to overharvesting through the 1800s. Originally a native of South Florida and the Caribbean extending into Mexico, Honduras and Peru. Mature trees can reach heights of 65-100+ feet and trunk diameters between 3-6 feet wide. 

Thought to be first introduced to Hawai'i around the early 1900s. Cuban Mahogany is a very desireable wood due to its workability and chatoyancy. Seasons well, easily worked, machines and sands well. The heartwood can vary when first cut from pale, pinkish-brown to darker red-brown that will usually mature to a rich darker, red-brown. Termite resistant, but can be susceptible to other insects. Specific gravity .53 - .60, but varies on growing conditions. Janka hardness 930 Ibf (4,120 N).

Used in ship building, furniture and cabinetry and musical instruments such as guitars and 'ukulele.

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